Brentwood Rare Fruit Farm is an USDA certified organic grower and sells to the public directly the following products:

  1. Jujube (Chinese red date), Cultivars: Honey Jar, Sugar cane, Shanxi Li, GA 866 and Dong Zao.

  2. Pakistan Mulberry Fruits

  3. Pakistan Mulberry Leaf Tea

About our products

Jujube (Chinese red date)

People also call Jujube red date or Chinese red date. It is originated in China where they have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years.

The fruit is a drupe, with shapes varying from round to elongate and sizes from cherry like to plum-like. When it ripens, it goes through from green to red-colored spots. The fully mature fruit is entirely red. The fruits can be eaten fresh and dried. Most people prefer them before fully mature, as the flesh is crisp and sweet, reminiscent of an apple. If the fruit is picked green, it will not ripen but turn red, and there is no sugar build up even when it turns red because unlike peaches and pears, jujubes need photosynthethesis to build up the sugar content in the fruits before harvesting from the tree, because of this, it is better to wait until the fruits is shining yellow with some hue of red (for Shanxi Li) or at least 40% of the skin turn red before picking it off the tree for best flavor.

All varieties that grow in our farm are good for fresh eating.  If you want to pick/buy more and preserve it for later enjoyment, Sugar Cane and Honey Jar are best for drying; the relatively smaller size makes them easy to dry and the sweetness and texture of the flesh make them the best of drying red dates.  Shanxi Li is the best for making jujube paste in addition to fresh eating, simply because the fruit is big and sweet, resembling a small apple.  GA866 is good for everything because of its medium size, sweetness and texture. Jujube paste can be used in bakery or to make smoothie with milk.  You can add the smoothie to your oatmeal or cereal or simply enjoy a cup of jujube smoothie, the sweetness and the special aroma of jujube will make your breakfast like heaven, you can’t resist it.  Homemade jujube paste does not contain any additives and preservatives, only the natural flavor and sweetness, safe and healthy.  If it is refrigerator kept (frozen), jujube paste can last up to one year, and it is still very fresh.

Jujube fruit harvesting season in our farm is September and October, depending on the varieties and the weather.

Jujube contains 20 times more vitamin C than any other citrus fruit, thus it is commonly called the “King of Vitamin C.”  Jujube fruits have been very popular in the Chinese community as well as in other nations in Asia.

Medical studies show that jujube fruits have the capacity helping lower blood pressure, treat anemia and inhibit the growth of tumor cells that can lead to leukemia [1]. Jujube fruits benefit the skin care and diminish wrinkles. They help keep your cholesterol levels in the normal range. The substance found in jujube fruits may help reduce the risk of cancer and benefit liver, digestion and treat anxiety as well as sleeping promoting [2][3][4][5].

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[5] Michael J Breus, Ph.D. "How Jujube Can Improve Your Sleep and Health", Psychology Today, Sept 28, 2018

Pakistan Mulberry


Pakistan mulberry was originated in Islamabad, Pakistan. It produces incredibly large 4” long ruby red-purple fruits, thus it is often called “the Queen of mulberry.” Pakistan mulberry fruits are juicy, delicious and nutritious, tasted sweet with a very special type of fragrance. The fruits can be eaten fresh or dried for tasty snacks. It can also be frozen to be used as topping in cake or yogurt or to make smoothie. Pakistan mulberry has some characteristics that other mulberries don’t have: it is a “friendly” fruit, its juice doesn’t stain your clothes and there are no crunching seeds inside the fruit to get stuck in your teeth while you are eating.

Pakistan mulberry season is early May to early June.


Pakistan Mulberry Leaf Tea

We make, pack and sell mulberry leaf tea in our farm using the mulberry leaves grow in our farm only.  After we collect the mulberry leaves from the tree, we wash the leaves clean, slice it and steam it so that the freshness of the mulberry leaves is mostly preserved. We also knead the tea like we do to the dough, to break the texture in the tea leaves, which will make it easier to release the aroma and nutrient to the water when making a cup of tea.  Pakistan mulberry leaf tea has a very special type of aroma and mellow taste. 

By searching online, you can find that mulberry leaf tea is considered as a super food by many health and nutrition experts like Dr. Oz. The tea helps stabilize the blood sugar level and this will possibly help people with diabetes. By keeping the blood sugar levels steady, it may diminish feeling of hunger and naturally lead to reduced food consumption. As a result, mulberry leaf tea is used to aid weight loss. A few cups of mulberry leaf tea everyday could help you move toward your goal weight.  In Japanese tradition, people drink mulberry leaf tea to help them to lose weight.  Mulberry leaf tea does not contain caffeine, some of our customers even use mulberry leaf tea with goji berry and jujube slice (Chinese red dates, which grow in our farm) to make a cup of tea to help them sleep well at night.  Mulberry leaf tea is also tried for treating high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  According to the traditional Chinese medicine, mulberry leaf tea also helps people purify the lung and the liver.

Mulberry leaf tea also helps skin conditions.  There are two kinds of sores: canker sore (ulcer) and cold sore (fever blister), mulberry leaf tea can help both conditions.  Experience shown that mulberry leaf tea is very effective for treating pimples, nodules and cysts.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Please consult your doctor before using this product.

Based on our customers’ feedbacks, growing our fruit tress 100% organic way truly makes the difference in the flavor and taste of our fruits and mulberry leaf tea. Our customers are very happy to have a chance to buy the chemical free fruits and mulberry leaf tea from a source that they can trust.  

We also sell our organic Pakistan Mulberry leaf tea on Amazon, Etsy and eBay.  You can use the keyword "organic mulberry leaf tea" or "Brentwood rare fruit farm" to search our mulberry leaf tea.

Additional information about our organic Pakistan mulberry leaf tea:

1.      Our organic mulberry tea is very clean.  We grow organic (USDA organic certificate number: 22-0278) and we soak the mulberry leaf in the water and wash it clean before we make the tea.  Please don’t rinse the tea before making a cup of tea, the first brew is the best, tasted mellow and slightly sweet.   The most convenient way is to make a big pot of tea in the morning so that you can enjoy it the whole day, just simply pour the boiling water in the pot and wait until lukewarm before serving.

2.     Many literatures show that mulberry leaf tea helps people purify the lung and the liver, balance blood sugar.  Mulberry leaf tea is tried for treating high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.  Traditional Chinese medicine also uses mulberry leaf in the prescription to treat Covid-19.

3.     Experience shown that using mulberry leaf tea helps sore throat.

4.     Experience shown that mulberry leaf tea is very effective for treating pimples, nodules and cysts.

5.     Mulberry leaf tea nourish “yin”, for people who work in the kitchens, stay up until very late at night, smoke and consume alcohol often, mulberry leaf tea will keep them healthy because it helps people purify the lung and the liver.

6.     Because mulberry leaf tea nourish “yin”, if your body energy is more “yin” than “yang”, add dry jujube and goji berry in the mulberry leaf tea will balance the “yin” and “yang”, and you can drink the tea without any problem due to too much “yin” energy in your body. These three ingredients in the tea will help to achieve a better liver, lung, stomach, eyes and a better sleep.  The tea is also very tasty.  Please don’t add dry jujube and goji berry in the tea in the summer if the weather is too hot, wait until the weather cools down before adding jujube and goji berry.

7.     Mulberry leaf tea doesn’t contain caffeine.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Please consult your doctor before using this product.

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