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Our Farm

Welcome to Brentwood Rare Fruit Farm!  Brentwood Rare Farm is a USDA certified organic grower.  The farm is located at Brentwood, California where we grow jujube, Pakistan mulberry and variety of fruit trees organically.  Brentwood is about 60 miles east of San Francisco, within the East Bay area. It is well known for its summer fruit U-pick orchards like cherry, peach, apricot, plum, strawberry, etc. During the harvesting season, numerous people rush into town from city of San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Bay Areas to pick their favorite fresh fruits from trees.  Fruits ripened on trees have superior taste to those sold in supermarket.

When we acquired this parcel of farm land in 2015, it was leased to a local farmer called Dwelley Family Farms who grew organic vegetables: green beans and zucchinis.  The Dwelley Family Farms’ organic program was certified by SCS Global Services.

From 2016, we started to grow jujubes trees, Pakistan mulberry trees, and variety of fruit trees in the farm.  We believe in sustainable farming to preserve the environment, to provide chemical free and best tasting fruits to our customers. Because of these, we decided to continue the 100% organic farming methods without using any chemical herbicides and pesticides. We choose disease resistant fruit varieties, grow tall palm trees and other trees and install owl boxes in the field to provide habitats for owls and hawks, so as to control the rodents in the field; we collect wood chips from tree service companies and mulch the trees to retain moisture in the soil and for weed control; as well as to increase the micro organism and earth worms in the soil, to prevent the soil from weathering and erosion, on the other hand, the rough surfaces of the mulch also discourage slugs to climb up the tree to eat the Pakistan mulberry fruits, thus tremendously reduce the amount of slugs in the field.  We use machine weed cutter, metal blade trimmer to cut the weeds and manually pull the weeds that grow near the fruit trees or cling to the fruit trees.  We simply leave the weeds in the field after we cut them, to add the organic mess in the soil, the weeds and wood chips will decay over time and it is good soil amendment, which encourage the micro organism multiply in the soil so that to enrich the soil.


Regarding pest control, our research and observation showed that jujubes are virtually pest and disease free in the U.S.  As to our Pakistan mulberry fruits, they do attract lady bugs (which are good bugs in organic farming), some ants and a few slugs that dine on our sweet and juicy mulberry fruits.  Our strategy to minimize the lost of our mulberry fruits to the insects is to pick the fruits daily when the fruits are ripen, so that we run ahead of these insects.

We keep detail records in our farm, which include our planting record, irrigation record, compost record, growing observation data, etc.

Our farm has registered in the California state organic program with California Department of Food and Agriculture since 2019.  (CDFA organic registration ID: 07-009465). The farm is also USDA organic certified, certified by Organic Certifies, Inc.

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